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Lets Share this kiss... [entries|friends|calendar]

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friends only.... [17 Aug 2004|09:56pm]

new journal entries are for friends only.
cuz some people are just not cool enough to read about my pointless life.
69 Missing you.

oops [17 Aug 2004|01:00am]
and i forgot the #1 mucho important person that left me.
3 Missing you.

leave me too [17 Aug 2004|12:57am]
[ mood | crushed ]

everyones leaving me.
heather/shuffles/sencow=moved to FL
jeff=moved to reno.
ben=moving to cali.

whos next?

Missing you.

sex is not for me. [16 Aug 2004|11:26pm]
[ mood | sick ]

my brother is in my room with lauren.
i think they are having sex in my bed.
im grossed out.

i didnt do ne thing today.
besides rent movies.
watch movies.
and computer games.

did i forget to say me and kenna are talking again.

Missing you.

he is gone. [15 Aug 2004|11:42pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

i miss thomas.
thats all i need to say.
im to sad to explain more.

Missing you.

good beer and good friends [15 Aug 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

my brother took me to a BBQ at joes.
and ate many chips.
(since i dont eat meat)

bla bla bla
hours later.

went and picked jenny, tiffer, kate, and the #1 birthday girl krisenie poo up.
went to ryans.
had to of drank many shots and many beers.
wow i was shitty.

went to jennys.
hung out.
drank more.

the end.

finally TRY to goto bed on Jeffs sofa.
tiffer and katie didn't want to sleep.
so they kept me and jeff up.
i was going crazy.
after human 4 way pretzils.
i wanted to kill them all.
and then tad had to come in and try to get with me.
f0inally hours later.
sleeping was well worth it.

we woke up at like 2? i think?
hung out.
played in the rain.
said bye bye to jeffie because hes leaving tomarrow.

cody picked me up.
went to walmart.
eye liner+ the ashlee simpson cd.
the cd= codys birthday gift.
drove around.
spalshed people walking in the rain.
i took pix.
odd shit.
ill post later because im at codys.
were about to go eat sushi for his birthday dinner.
i hope its not too loud.

ne who.
thomas is gone for a while.
my heart hurts.

Missing you.

The Rain is my tears.... [14 Aug 2004|04:29pm]
[ mood | numb ]

aug 12.
me and thomas talked alll night untill like 2:30.
we were talking about stupid stuff.
and how it better rain the next day cuz' we needed to share our rainy day kiss.
(it didnt rain untill today. and hes gone..:( )
oh man we are so cool.

friday the 13th.
thomas calls and wakes me up.
brother takes me to the airport to pick his friends wife up.
bla bla bla.


finally go to jennys.
hang out.
do stupid things.

seems like years later.
we goto the hotel.
but only after we drop tiff katie and jenny off at the texas.
we get to the room
holy shit it was NICE!
hang out.

cody and brian

aww were so cute
how long can u drunkenly stand on one foot?

random pix
the sam!

my love.

i FINALLY made good cofee!

me and thomas did our little kissie kissie.

squishie noses!

had a few good talks.

bla bla bla.
picked jenny and richie up from billys.
went to jennys.
hung out untill around 3.
jenny fell asleep.

(convos with thomas before he got picked up because hes going to a co-ed school out of state)
me:"so..... this co-ed school.... i hope the chicks are fat"
thomas:"haha why"
me:"cuz' your MINE!"
thomas:"how am i yours?"
me:"uh.... cuz' i say so.."
thomas:"how about ill be yours when i come back.."
me: ::big smile:: "okay!"
thomas:"theres 2 types of girls in my life... ones that i just fuck.... and the ones i like..."
me:"uhhhh what one am i?!?"
thomas:" well you DONT fuck so then i guess your the other one"
me:"oh thats good."

im glad he understands i have morals.
and he knows sex isnt going to be in our relationship.

and he got picked up and we had our last kiss good-bye..

went to sleep in jeffs room.

woke up today.
hung out with my brother+ ryan+ jenny for a bit.
went to the mall.
best buy.
aww saw chase<33333.
still the hott kid i remeber.
im glad his life is back together.

ne who im going drinking with my brother tonight.
and sleeping at jennys.
fun times.

this rain is for you thomas my love.
ill be waiting when u come back<3.

Missing you.

oh boozle. [12 Aug 2004|09:00pm]
[ mood | bored ]

okay so im bored.
i was getting something out of my room.
and i found my brothers military hat.
and took some hxc pictures.
oh im so cool
<3these are for you ben.
hope u like.

and some other pix for randomness.

1 Missing you.

kisses and ciggs... [12 Aug 2004|08:38pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so this morning my dad wakes me up.
the time was:9 am.
i was like "DAD! everyones sleeping! later!"

got up around 11:30.
went to heathers with cody.
god im going to miss them.
well atleast i got all their plants AND their fishies and frog.
Frog= Shuffles.
1 fish= Heather
2 fish= Sencow
3 fish= Shuff daddy.

i think yes.

ne who when we were driving to get some ciggs.
they were going on 95 and i had to of waved to them 12 times.

went picked up jenny dear and went and picked up my love thomas<3.
went to billys.
hung out there.
heard some shit about thomas.
which i wasnt too happy about.
good thing i knew he was a slut.
its cool hes fun to kiss.


hung out.
skate park.
blah blah blah.

cody got the coolest hotel room for tomarrow.
i hope i can go.

if not im slitting my wrists.

1 Missing you.

bin laden weed... [12 Aug 2004|01:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

i just got a speach from ben.
how im a fuck up cuz i drink and smoke.
im doing good now.
i dont do drugs.

(not in a shit talking way)
but a fight id like to se cuz to see who would win.
just to see.
they both say they are tuff shits.

my life is going down hill.
to fast.

the end.

1 Missing you.

blah bleh blah [11 Aug 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

so yesterday i went to look for a job.
didnt do so well.
went to jennys and we worked on her room.
thomas me and cody ran away a few times so we didnt have to work.
went to justins.
hung out.
bla bla bla.
the night was odd.
brenten came over.
showed him were justin p was barried.
came back.
jeff tad and chris got in a little fight with brenten.
went inside watched tv.
chit chated.
slept in jeffs room.
talked and stuff.
im jennys new brother.

woke up.
hung out.
cody<3 picked me up.
mall for new trucks and to see if i can work at industrial.
and some other stores.
called my mom.
got my report card.
F in both wolrd history classes.
B in drivers ed.
fuck im grounded.


Missing you.

old friends and drama to the T [10 Aug 2004|12:47am]
[ mood | drunk ]

my brother took me out.
went to joes.
i told him i smoke cigs.
i thought hed be mad.
but he was like "do u have ne?"
and i was like "no".
and he was giving me some alllll night.

after joes we went to this girls party.
with allll my brothers friends.

i was hella bored and kenna,ryan, jennelle and some girl showed up?
i was like WTF?! ur like 16 and these people are 20+.
(i had a reason to be there, i was with my brother!)
but whatever.
shit went to shit.
we chatted and she texted me when she left and said we should hang out more.
so whatever.
i really could care less.

ne who i am watching late night dating tv and eating my organic burrito.
and im a tad drunk.
i am so happy to have my brother in town.
but i learned wayyyy tooo much about him.
oh well were homies now.

im done.
the end.

Missing you.

oh it tickles... [09 Aug 2004|07:16pm]
[ mood | blah ]

my brothers here.

went to seans.
fun shit.

came here.
idk what im doing tonight.

Missing you.

creepy kissing... [09 Aug 2004|12:26pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so yeah cody brian and sam came over.
hung up.
we all ^+ jenny and tiffer went to the swap meet.
i got my floor mats.
all i need is the thing to go on the dash board and the back seat cover.
the back seat cover is $55 to costom it.
someday someday....
well after i bought it.
we got bored and adventured.

and it was fun.

then we went to my house.
put the mats on the floor.
went and saw the village.
dont waist ur money!.

yeah and then we went to tiffers.
hung out watched movies.

cody picked us up.
went to seans.
cool kid cool kid.
he signed my boob b/c hes a super star.

hung out did random things.

went to daniels for like 10 min.
it was weird being there.
i just kept thinking back to when we were some what together.
it was right when justin died.
so i got emo and waa.

went to jennys.
justin came over.
hung out bla bla bla.
he left.

watched the mummy.
jeff came home. we fought with pillows and acted like the friends we used to be.
flirt flirt.
we sat outside and chit chatted about the events of last year.

went inside and jenny was sleeping.
we bring her upstairs.
she went to sleep.
i went to jeffs room to chat.
we had a LOOOONGG talk about nothing.
i am actually going to miss him.
and yeah went to sleep in jennys bed and she was stretched out with no room for amber.
so i slept on jeffs sofa.

woke up to people talking and light.
had my grandma pick me up.

about to get in a well needed shower.

my brother is going to be here ne time.
im so excited.

Missing you.

beers and drama.... [08 Aug 2004|01:04pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

let me explain the whole night...

alyss was killing me cuz she wanted everything planned it seemed.
and i had nothing planned out.
i just wanted to go with the flow.
josh + dustin picked me up and we go to the swap meet.
walked around.
found my cover.

*Jenny is the best fucking girl in las vegas.
*Tiff is pretty cool too.

uh picked up Jr.
came here.
hung out.
picked people up.
people started showing up.
people started drinking.
fun time.
drama drama drama.
box had a big crow bar thing. waving it around.
long story short.
10000 people showed up for 5 min.
kicked them out.
yelled at box.
he waved it at me like he was going to do something.
everyone left.
some came back.
hung out.


woke up.
got a speach about smoking.
dammit me.
im so dumb.
oh well.
sam cody and brian are coming over.
and maybe the swap meet again.

all in all.
it was joys of fun.

Missing you.

going crazy. [07 Aug 2004|01:59pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

oh man.
my party starts soon.
and im going CRAZY.
everyone is making this so fucking hard.

josh is picking me up soon.
to go to the swap meet.
and then we are picking up people and meeting at bunker.
easy enough?

alyss needs rides for all these kids.
and we cant pick everyone up in josh's s10.
i am going to leave and have every thing just happen.
if u get here.
u get here.
idk what else to do!?

im going crazy.
i hope things turn out.

Missing you.

body shots... [06 Aug 2004|11:50pm]
tonight me and alyss went to the skate park.
some random guy bought me beer.
hung out there forever.
went to davids.
body shots.
spin the bottle.
haha i felt like i was ten.
i 3 way kissed alyss and caitlin.
and got many birthday lap dances from caitlin.
i love my friends.
i love my life.
and i love alcohol.

i cant wait for my party tomarrow:).
Missing you.

fuck [06 Aug 2004|03:02pm]
its 3:02.
i just woke up.
and i thought my day would be fine.
but NO.
Ben wrote me on my space to say:
"hey well chris got sentenced a year in prison and then a year of house arrest so ya just wanted to tell u bye"
and my world came crashing down.
i have been in tears since i read.
i want to hate tanner so fucking much.
but i cant.
i guess crhis had it comming.
but oh man.
a year?
what am i going to do?
im going to go crazy thats it.

why am i friends with the bad ones.

</3 </3 </3 ne who. my party is tomarrow. i hope it makes me feel better.
Missing you.

So.. we meet again.... [05 Aug 2004|11:34pm]
[ mood | high ]

justin called me at 9.
we hung out.
went to brentens.
I havent seen them since 8th grade.
I think?
shed a tear when HE was brought up.
oh man.
it was fun.

tonight was fun.

Missing you.

in the zone... [05 Aug 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | excited ]

cody has left me untill sunday.
my brother is going to be here monday.
im overjoyed.
i miss him so fucking much.
its been forever since we partied together.

tomarrow i am going to clean my backyard for my party saturday.
i have hinted to my mother there will be plenty of people there untill late.
and i told my grandma everything.
so yeah they have an idea.

and yeah then theres mine and codys party the 14th.
happy birthday party for him.
and then my brother is going to have mannyy parties here.
plenty of beer.
i cant wait.

i dont know what im going to do about me smoking around my brother.
i think ill just do it and see what he says.
cuz i am not going to be able to party with him without smoking.
ill simply die.

ne who.
yesterday cody and i went in search for my cow cover.
and ended up at the mall.
and since he skates for industrial he got a new board.
and i got a new shirt.

i love it.

i am very excited for the upcoming events in my life.

13 days untill i am allowed to get my license BY LAW.
but who knows with my mother.

Missing you.

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